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Piano Sheet Music

I just purchased your transcription of Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run Live in NYC version...WOW! It brought tears to my eyes as I sat at the piano. I'm finally getting the sound I always wanted. I'm a huge fan of Roy Bittan and his interpretations of Springsteen's music. However due to lack of natural talent and training, I have never been able to find the right chords or get the right voicing for some of the Springsteen songs I am able to play. You did a great job with this live version of BTR! - Brian G.

You are an incredible source of excellent piano music! I bought your Liberace Chopsticks and Boogie Woogie and am utterly impressed. You capture the detail exquisitely -- better than I can play it. No other transcriber does this. You are helping keep alive the memory of the great showman while giving life to his legacy. - Peter L.

Genius transcriptions. I don't know how you do it. - Charlie P.

Great transcription...  I am an organic farmer in Québec and I participate in a local garage band with two other organic farmers.  I am not a master pianist and so I've never had time to figure these riffs out for myself.  Your site is a real find!... I like the technical exercises too... This is great. Thanks again. - Michael S.

I have purchased a bunch of your piano transcriptions over the past few weeks and could not be happier with the quality and affordability. I am an adult student at the Eastman Community Music School (piano and guitar) with a love of pop/rock. I'm enjoying learning to play the transcriptions I purchased through your website as well as the arrangement of "Rainbow Connection." I will definitely be purchasing more of your pdf files in the future! - Charles S.

Cool! Looks great!... Many thanks for this, looks fantastic! Keep up the great work. ... Love your transcriptions... Thank you so so so so so so soooooo much for transcribing Brian's instrumental demo of 'Don't Talk...' - just beautiful! - Paul H.

Great job on The Weight... had a lot of it, but missed the nuances. Thanks! - Mark

Thanks for the great work on the transcriptions for Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama and Jessica by The Allman Bros.  I had worked on them years ago for a gig but its been a while so its nice to have a chart to make it easy to refresh! - Chris M.

I just came across your website and THANK YOU!! Exactly what I was looking for. I was thinking I was going to have to spend a few hours (or more!) transcribing the Sweet Home Alabama piano solo, and here you've done it for me! Totally awesome!! Sounds perfect. Great job!

I just purchased the Sweet Home Alabama transcription - thanks for saving me oodles of time!!!! Nice job. - Mike G.

I recently purchased a copy of your transcription for "the breeze" (Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Call Me the Breeze") and I was amazed at how perfect it was. Thank You! - K.O.

Thanks for fulfilling my request for Sweet Sixteen Bars. I never thought I would ever see the music for this piece that I've been wanting to play for years and was surprised to see it on your website.  Just downloaded it and can't wait to get started. - Steve W.


I've enjoyed your other work. I searched for Ray Charles' "Sweet 16 Bars" for quite some time. Very, very happy to find it at last. - Dan M.

Just been playing Ray Charles' 'Sweet Sixteen Bars', Amazing accuracy in the transcription, Thanks a million! - Dylan M.

I have purchased your transcriptions of Sweet Home Alabama, Sweet Sixteen Bars, Woody Woodpecker theme, At Last and Lady Madonna.  All are 1st rate, excellent. - Gary R.

I bought Pine Top Boogie (by Dr. John) that you had transcribed and it is note for note perfection, I was very impressed. - Ray P.

Thanks for being out there. You saved my performance. I was not getting it. I just got finished writing out the solo part. It's so time consuming. It was worth every penny!!! - Laurie J.

Your scores are indeed St.Elmo's FIRE...! You're doing a grand job and us the rank and file hobby pianists are much in your debt. THANKS a lot from the heart. - Michael S.

I think the transcriptions are awesome – I have been transcribing harmonica solos for the past year and know how much work it involves... Keep up the great work – it is a fantastic resource. - Sean D.

I wanted to say thanks for the awesome transcriptions. I’ve purchased 6 or 7 over the past few months and am really enjoying working my way through them. - Matt A.

Thanks a lot Elmo!! beautiful job on the transcriptions. - Ray C.

Thanks for "The Weight," it was very helpful. - Thanks! - Katy N.

The Transcription to "Whiter Shade of Pale" was fantastic. What a time saver! - Bob G.

Thank you very much for this great score of " A Whiter Shade Of pale " who corresponds exactly to what I wanted. - Stéphane D.

I am an E Street Band fan who right now is having a blast with your transcriptions of Born to Run. - Tom M.

I recently downloaded Roll me Away and Born to Run and wanted to show my appreciation. It is a joy to finally be able to play these parts note-for-note now. Thank you so much. - Henry C.

Just purchased tonight some sheet music from you IMAGINE by JOHN LENNON, LET IT BE by the BEATLES,and LADY MADONNA by THE BEATLES. Your transcriptions are just great... I have a big collection of sheet music in fact over 1000 but nothing as good as your transcriptions. - Paul A.

Your transcription ("Let It Be") is great, I just played through it three times.  It will definitely save me a lot of listening and transcribing time.  Thank you. - Andrew M.

I have just purchased Lady Madonna and God Only Knows... Great transcriptions. - Rick

I have the file ("Let It Be"). Thanks very much! It looks gorgeous. What I would give for your transcribing skills. - Rob S.

I like the transcriptions I purchased from your web site a few days ago.  Nice job! - Don C.

I wanted to say thanks for the awesome transcriptions. I’ve purchased 6 or 7 over the past few months and am really enjoying working my way through them. - Matthew A.

I was so pleased with the transcription of Evil Ways organ solo. It was a BIG hit. Our church is a little out of the box. The minister was starting a new sermon series on temptation. I thought this would be the perfect song, not thinking about the killer organ solo (I am the pianist/organist). Thanks again! I will be purchasing other titles I am sure!!! - Karen H.

I loved this transcription of Mr. Waits' great "I can't wait..." tune. Really excellent... and your boogie-woogie transcriptions (fantastic stuff)... Love your piano playing and also these sheets. - David B.

Impressive work. - Seth H.

I'm loving your Tremolo Boogie!! Thanks! - Chris T.

I'm already learning from the exercises and songs I purchased yesterday. Will get more after i learn these. - Marilyn B.

This is exactly what I needed, thank you so much for your quick response.  Great customer service! - Emily R.



Custom Note-for-Note Transcriptions

I received your transcription for Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Call Me the Breeze" piano solo and ending run. IT IS GREAT!!! I'm sure that, thanks to you, I will be able to enjoy playing it. Your mastery in the art of transcription is beyond words. I am so glad I found your website... I couldn't be happier with your piano solo transcription. - Jeff M.

You've helped me realize a vision I've had for decades in regards to being able to play the piano part as it was recorded. The sound produced from those notes is even better than I imagined it would be... I'm getting ready for you to do another transcription and I think it will be a fun project too. - Tom C.

I just want you to know that I am very pleased with the end result. It (Bruce Springsteen's "Because the Night") is awesome, man. Thank you very much. I look forward to working with it and requesting a few more transcriptions in the future. - Brian G.

I just pulled the score up... and it looks fantastic. I'm glad this arrangement (the Woody Woodpecker Theme) has been preserved by your transcription, as the YouTube performance is the only recording of it to date as I know of. Can't wait to start working on this. Once again, great job! - Tom C.

The transcription (Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Workin'") was perfect. I was late arriving into Denver and I was running to get to the gig last night. I printed your transcription at the airport and read it in the car along with your working notes. I worked it through in my head and I practiced it on the organ just before we played. It went really well. I truly enjoy working with you!! It's not often that I get to meet with and talk to someone who has the depth of musical knowledge and experience that you possess. - Sherwood E.

I got your transcription of Lay Down Sally. It is great and sounds good in our band. Thank you again. - Robin G.

Recently I got your transcription of the piano solo in "Me and Bobbie McGee". The transcription is perfect and playing it sounds like the original. It's amazing! - Robin G.

It ("Piano Variations on Thoughts of You") is just brilliant! Thank you so much! - Tamara H.

Hi Elmo. Got it. You are a very talented man, this is outstanding work. I know what I'll be doing all weekend! Well done... way beyond my expectations. - Stephen

I think you have done a terrific job with this project ("Hello, Hello")... it looks great! - Nandi D. (formerly Terry MacNeil, composer of & pianist on "Hello, Hello" by Sopwith Camel)

Wow. This looks great. I will practice and try to play along with the recording and then I would like to set up a Skype lesson with you after that. Thanks again. - Yvette M.

Have you had many customers grab "A Whiter Shade of Pale" on your website? They have no idea what a great piece of work they are getting their hands on. - Carl H.

Amazing!!  I couldn't wait to get home today to try it out ("Chopsticks" by Liberace)... I tried it out and I am amazed that you can hear a piece and get it down on paper like that.  Like I said in a previous email, I wish I had that talent, but I don't so I am glad I found you! - Marie O.

Thank you so much, again! I have tried out the song ("I Can't Wait To Get Off Work") a little bit at this point and it sounds great. Exactly what I was hoping for. - Kevin W.

Muchas gracias Elmo! It looks great! I'll keep you posted on the work and will contact you for other work... Thanks again. - Chris M.

It's an excellent transcription ("She Was My Baby") and just what I was looking for.. Thanks very much for your hard work.. it is much appreciated! - Mike T.


Online Lessons via Skype

I can't tell you how excited I am about taking lessons with you. YOU are great! I have made more progress in the last few weeks than I have in five years!! Thanks! - Tom K., Alexandria, VA


Synth Patches - Sound Libraries

I have your Roland D-10/110/20 set. I can vouch for the fact that it makes much more sense than organizations like Pop, New Age, Rock, Top 40, etc. These names really don't help you find the patch that you have in mind as quickly as having things organized by instrument. Overall, I would say that the patches are an outstanding value. From my experience, ManyMIDI technical support is excellent. If anyone is in the market for patches for synths, I would recommend checking ManyMIDI Products out. I will be purchasing your ESQ-1 and TX81Z patches as soon as I get the money. A very satisfied customer. - J.A., Urbana, IL

LOVE THEM !!! - total inspiration (TX81Z patches) - J.W., The United Kingdom

We have been using your TX802 library for some time now and have had very good results with it. We write and produce music primarily for television. Some of your patches are featured weekly on a national basis. - G.H., Las Vegas, NV

Thanks so much for the M1 sounds. They definitely brightened up my holiday. Every Korg T/M series user should have a set or two of these. As a church music director, I can promise you they'll get a lot of use. - B.G., Tualatin, OR

About the sets from the Yamaha TX81Z and Korg T-3 which I've just bought from ManyMIDI this week. The sounds are really great and I'm so satisfied I can tell!! My TX81Z is sounding much better and I could find the Real rhodes piano from the DX7II that I was looking for!! The Korg T-3 #1 set is great also!!! I'm very satisfied not only about the sounds but especially about the attention you've dedicated to us explaining and teaching how to deal with those sounds! - S.L., Franco da Rocha, Brazil

The MT-32 voices are great. The versatility and potential is overwhelming. Once again, thanks. You make great stuff. - S.F., Lethbridge, Canada

Your K1 Sound libraries are excellent. So good in fact, that instead of selling my K1, I'm going to buy a second one! - P.G., Chicago, IL

I find your voices to be 'fantastic'. Your piano sounds, etc., are far better than the factory sounds. - R.S., Santa Barbara, CA

Thank you for the M1 sounds. The patches are great and very well classified. - G.G., Toulouse, France

You have developed a great set of patch libraries. I applaud your effort to make these well organized libraries available to the public. - S.J., Hyattsville, MD

Your sounds are great! Keep up the good work! - R.M., Montclair, CA

Congratulations on Set #1. They were most useful. Huge time saver. - J.L., New York, NY

I am very impressed with your customer support and the quality of the MT-32 patches. I will certainly recommend your company to other friends who may have use for additional voices. - D. V., Delmar, NY

I am using your patches, and am quite happy with them. They are worth every bit of the $100 to me. In addition, the sounds have already proved useful, and musically interesting. Thanks you for a job well done. - M.M., New York, NY

Thank you for your prompt and courteous response. That's very refreshing in this town. - R.F., Los Angeles, CA

I am very impressed with ManyMIDI Products' professionalism and personal service. Thank you for helping me with my MIDI decisions and purchases! - D.B., Pasadena, CA

I really like the way you do business. It's rare in this industry. - J.J., Santa Monica, CA 

 I am very pleased with the D-50 Set #2. The sounds are undoubtedly the best I have ever heard for the D-50 (and I have heard several different sound libraries from other companies). - E.S., Bellaire, MI

The D-50 Orchestral Set is superb - thank you. - L.C., N. Lauderdale, FL

The D-50 voice banks are excellent, by the way, and I shall be ordering the next group as soon as you receive this. - N.S., Miami, FL

 I am very happy to receive your M3r disks. This voices very great! Better than before I have. I almost change all my voices of Original Inter Memory! - Z.P., Beijing, China

 We have appreciated the fine service afforded us by ManyMIDI even during our overseas service. Thank you and may your company see many years of continued success. - R.B., Bordentown, NJ

I have heard from a number of my friends and colleagues who use the sounds you have developed. They recommend your sound libraries highly. - G.H., New Brunswick, Canada

Your patches for the M1 were outstanding. Now, I have a T-3, and I'm looking forward to what you do with it. - B.S., Calgary, Canada

I was most impressed with the support I received over the phone in coming to understand this product, and will certainly choose to deal with ManyMIDI in the future. - J.L., Toronto, Canada

I'm extremely happy with most of the MT-32 sounds I've heard so far. I'm looking forward to finally hearing the rest of the 1001 sounds on these disks. You have a good product, fast service, and excellent customer support and I will certainly tell other musician friends of mine about your company. Thanks again for your help and wonderful service. - K.D., New York, NY

Thanks again for such great service and fast response. Hope to be doing more business with you in the future. - C.K., Anaheim, CA

The 4,009 DX7II-FD sounds are good. I love the way they are organized. Please send me the 2,216 Percussion voices. - M.M., Olive Branch, MS

The DX/TX Set #1 collection of your voices that we have is excellent. It's a nice product. Please send the percussion voices of Set #2. - D.M.S., Boston, MA

If more companies, such as yours does, would trust the customer's integrity a bit more, they would unquestionably prosper in the long run, because they would have established a long-term relationship. Thank you once again. - J.Z., - La Mesa, CA

I'm happy to expand my sound library so much for a reasonable cost. I hope you find a good market and I'll tell others. There must be happiness somewhere among the perils of music made by computer. - J.T., San Diego, CA

I LOVE the VOICES! I appreciated your help! Thanks. - S.S., St. Louis, MO

The TX81Z voices sound great. - P.C., Sherman Oaks, CA

I really appreciate the customer service you have provided... I've been working with the sounds. I'm very pleased, particularly with the flutes. The main thing I needed was the bagpipes. ...I am very happy with them. The sounds are set up very well, makes it very easy to use. Thanks again. - M.M., Dunedin, FL

I couldn't get that kind of service from most other vendors... They sound WONDERFUL... I'm very happy. - L.S., Austin, TX

I am enjoying your sounds and will tell other musicians about ManyMIDI Products. - B.V., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The patches were sensational and it's real nice having so many of them. - A.C., Eastchester, NY

I will pass the word about ManyMIDI Products to people who want to deal with honest and professional people like yourself. - H.B., Washington, IN

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