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Sheet Music - for Piano Solo

 Elmo Peeler - Piano Sheet Music

If you're a keyboard player, ManyMIDI has some truly exceptional sheet music available for you:

Have you ever heard a terrific recording and  wondered exactly how a certain riff or 'lick' is played? And yet the commercially available sheet music doesn't even come close, accuracy wise? Perhaps you've wondered how to exactly play Paul McCartney's piano part in The Beatles' "Lady Madonna", but have never been able to find an accurate piano transcription of it - or the organ part in Booker T. & The M.G.'s "Green Onions" - or a George Winston song. These accurate piano transcriptions will show you, with note-for-note precision. You can also make requests for piano transcriptions not already listed, and commission piano transcriptions that you need.

Boogie woogie is one of the most fun piano styles to play and to listen to. Very danceable, boogie-woogie preceded rock-and-roll, and is characterized by wonderful, repeated left-hand patterns, with rhythmic, tinkly right-hand riffs ("diamond tiaras", as Rolling Stones pianist Ian Stewart called them) - great piano music.

Most piano arrangements of pop songs do not sound very much like the original recording, often containing wrong chords, incorrect bass lines, etc. These piano arrangements, by contrast, are very faithful to the original hit recordings, and are simply the best piano solo arrangements available anywhere.

Billy Joel is not the only rock pianist that enjoys composing classical-style piano pieces. Elmo Peeler (world tours with The Beach Boys, Ricky Nelson, and Rod Stewart) does, too.

To effectively communicate one's musical ideas, one must have the technique, i.e., the "chops", to do so. Even Eric Clapton's daily practice includes scales and arpeggios. However, many finger exercises are just time-wasters and don't really improve one's piano technique very much. The piano exercises included here are amazingly effective at creating finger independence, strength, and dexterity.

Every piano sheet music site should offer at least a little free sheet music - sorta like a bowl of complimentary mints, for dropping by. Of course we hope that you'll see some piano sheet music here that'll enrich your musical life, and buy it; but at least you'll know that we appreciated your visit.

Synthesizer Sound Libraries

ManyMIDI Synth Patch Libraries

Buying a synthesizer is similar to buying a computer. You're going to spend a lot of money on something that really won't do its best for you until you spend a bit more money. In the case of a computer, it's software. For a synthesizer, the software is sounds: Frequently the synth's manufacturer will rush the new hardware out the door as quickly as possible, without taking the time to load it with the best sounds that it's capable of.

ManyMIDI usually takes about 18 months, using a team of six to eight programmers around the world, to really "wring out" a synth's potential. At that time, the very best voices are skimmed off the top, organized into like-sounding groups (basses, strings, etc.), copyrighted, and released.

Of course, we realize that organization alone, no matter how good, means nothing without great sounds - and ours are the best available anywhere. That's why we offer our unconditional money-back guarantee; we let you be the judge. It's just that simple. You'll hear for yourself why so many of today's leading artists, film composers and studio musicians use ManyMIDI synth patches.

Our competitors told us in 1986 that if we offered a money-back guarantee, we'd be out of business in months, that customers would copy our disks and ask for a refund. We chose to believe in our customers, and it's worked like a charm for all these years. If you'd like to see what our customers say about us, see the Testimonial Page.

ManyMIDI Products has developed the most comprehensive, best-sounding highly-organized synth patch libraries available for these synthesizers (grouped by manufacturer):

Ensoniq Synth Patches

Kawai Synth Patches

Korg Synth Patches

Roland Synth Patches

Yamaha Synth Patches

If you'd like to read what customers are saying about our products and services, check out the Testimonial Page.

If you enjoy solo piano music, check out my original recordings.

If you're a keyboard player and would like to improve your skills, here is your opportunity to take online piano lessons from a conservatory-trained professional rock keyboard player who has both won classical piano competitions and toured the world playing keyboards and arranging for Hall-of-Fame rock-and-roll artists: Rod Stewart, Rick Nelson, the Beach Boys, and others. Although most of my students want to learn how to play rock piano better,I teach both rock and classical piano.

If you want to learn more about chords, songwriting, composition, arranging and/or music theory, I'll be happy to help you. Some of my students are more interested in learning about chords and composing than in improving their keyboard skills.

Keyboardist & Arranger

Would you like your recordings and live performances to sound better? So did The Beach Boys, Rod Stewart, Ricky Nelson, and many others. See Los Angeles Pianist & Arranger.

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Last modified: June 06, 2015