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Roland D-5/10/20/110 Synth Patches - Sound Library

The D-110 and its siblings are very good synths in their price range - less than the D-50 but more than the MT-32. But like the MT-32, the D-110/5/10/20's internal architecture allows for much better sounds than it contains from the factory. We've heard that the factory rushed it out the door a little prematurely to make money on the hardware, not taking the extra time needed to better program it. Although it'll never sound as good as its big brother, the D-50, we guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised to hear how much better it really can sound.

ManyMIDI Products has developed the most highly-organized, professional synth patch library available for the D-110, D-5, D-10, and D-20 synthesizers:

The price of these is $49.95, with an Unconditional Money-back Guarantee. Every purchase is secure and risk-free.

To see what others say about these synth patches, take a look at our customers' testimonials.

Purchase our D-5/10/20/110 synth patches by clicking on the ADD TO CART button. After your payment has been securely processed, you can download the patches, contained in a ZIP file.

ManyMIDI - 1199 D-5/10/20/110 Synth Patches (SysEx format) - $49.95:

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D-110/5/10/20 Set

Categories # of Banks # of Voices   Categories # of Banks # of Voices
Bass 2 94   Organ 1 58
Bells 1 29   Percussion 2 71
Brass: Hard 1 50   Piano: Acoustic 1 42
Brass: Warm 1 41   Piano: Electric 2 74
Celesta 1 23   Sax 1 26
Clavinet 1 50   Special Effects (FX) 1 40
Drums 2 67   Stringed Instruments 1 53
Guitar: Acoustic 1 14   Strings 2 93
Guitar: Electric 1 31   Synth 2 104
Harp 1 20   Synth: Envelope 1 35
Harpsichord 1 17   Synth: Glass 1 19
Koto 1 14   Voice (Human) 1 46
Misc. 1     WW: Clarinet 1 18
..Accordion   1   WW: Flute 1 36
..BagPipes   1   WW: Oboe & Bassoon 1 23
..Harmonica   3        
..Orchestra   2        
..Whistling   4        
  # of Banks # of Voices
Total: D-110 Set 34 1199

The 1199 D-5/10/20/110 synth patches in this sound library are the finest available from any source. Every kind of sound that the synthesizer is capable of producing is included - no type of sound is left out. If you want to make the most of your MIDI studio, these sound banks are exactly what you're looking for - guaranteed!

A Comment from a customer:

"I have your Roland D-10/110/20 set. I can vouch for the fact that it makes much more sense than organizations like Pop, New Age, Rock, Top 40, etc. These names really don't help you find the patch that you have in mind as quickly as having things organized by instrument. Overall, I would say that the patches are an outstanding value. From my experience, ManyMIDI technical support is excellent. If anyone is in the market for patches for synths, I would recommend checking ManyMIDI Products out. I will be purchasing your ESQ-1 and TX81Z patches as soon as I get the money. A very satisfied customer." - J.A., Urbana, IL

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