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Boogie-Woogie Sheet Music

Elmo Peeler - Original Piano Solos

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Boogie-Woogie Piano Solos:

Boogie-woogie is the most fun genre of non-Classical piano-playing ever. Growing up, I was deeply influenced by the boogies of three giants - Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons, and Meade 'Lux' Lewis. And even after touring the world with The Beach Boys, Ricky Nelson, Rod Stewart, and others, and having played a wide variety of music, my favorite still has to be boogie-woogie. Here are a few of my original boogie-woogies that you'll enjoy practicing and learning. These are not simplified versions, nor are they overly-complicated. They are the real thing.

Watch and listen to each one by clicking the 'To see and hear' link in the descriptions below.

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Boogie-Woogie Sheet Music (Piano Solos):

These are original outstanding boogie-woogies that reflect the influence of the Gods of Boogie-Woogie from its heyday in the 1930's and '40's - Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons, and Meade "Lux" Lewis (their awesome left-hand parts and tinkly high-register "diamonds in the tiara") - while adding some of the most fun modern-day rock piano techniques: Jerry Lee Lewis and Leon Russell-influenced octaves in the higher registers, Dr. John and New Orleans-style "flips", and Billy Preston's B-3 "crushed-tone" tricks - plus many other pianistic goodies. This is truly one of the best collections of original boogie-woogie sheet music available anywhere.

Elmo Peeler - Josie's Boogie.pdf

This dramatic minor-key virtuoso boogie began as an exercise to strengthen the left-hand, sort of like a boogie version of Chopin's "Revolutionary Etude" - not the same left-hand part note-wise (this is more like a minor-key "Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy" left hand), but similarly challenging, endurance-wise. The right-hand part is fairly challenging on its own, with some flashy "Winter Wind" chromatic runs and stabbing chords (a la Tower of Power horns), ending with a blazing double-octave flourish. When played well, this piece is guaranteed to blow your audience away. Most pianists will find this to be my most technically-challenging boogie - and lots of fun to play! And it will surely strengthen your left hand in the process.

Difficulty: Challenging

To see and hear this boogie on YouTube, just click: Elmo Peeler - Josie's Boogie

To listen, just click: Elmo Peeler - Josie's Boogie

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Elmo Peeler - The Boo-Train Boogie.pdf

This piece was inspired by a dream about a train, and begins with the steam engine starting from a standstill and picking up speed slowly, then breaking into the main theme. There are references in it to the Doppler effect, diesel horns (tuned to a minor 6th chord), rail-crossing sounds, and locomotive steam whistles. This boogiewoogie is absolutely a blast to play - especially if you like trains - and ends with some nice harmonically-rich virtuoso flourishes.

Difficulty: Moderate

To listen, just click: Elmo Peeler - Boo-Train Boogie

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Elmo Peeler - The Jefferson Street Boogie.pdf

Jefferson Street - the street I grew up on, only a few hundred feet from my high school, also on Jefferson. In the key of C-sharp, this is more of a black-key boogie than any of the others in this boogie-woogie sheet music collection - it uses very few white notes (only E-sharp and B-sharp). It starts out with a slow, solemn chordal reference to my high school's theme song, then breaks into a full-on, up-tempo black-key boogie, based on a C#, d#-minor, F#, G# progression. If Chopin's "Black Key" Etude isn't your style (or you've grown bored with it), but your fingers want to dance on the black keys, you'll have fun with this boogie.

Difficulty: Moderate

To see and hear this boogie on YouTube, just click: Elmo Peeler - The Jefferson Street Boogie

To listen, just click: Elmo Peeler - Jefferson Street Boogie

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Elmo Peeler - The Melton Meltdown Boogie.pdf

This boogie, inspired by the antics of the looney, slightly-crazed mayor of Jackson, MS, Frank Melton, was composed during the 32 hours that he was thrown into the local jail. It seemed like he was having a meltdown, captured in the right hand with a little rock-and-roll dissonance (an A and a B-flat played simultaneously, then the A lifted, leaving the B-flat to ring). In the key of G, the piece begins with a New Orleans-style 'flip', then goes into the A section, its left hand a broken-octave walking bass throughout. Lots of fun to play, and only moderately difficult - it sounds harder than it is, although there are a few technically challenging places in the B and C sections (its structure is A-A-B-A-C-A-OUT) - wonderful boogie woogie sheet music.

Difficulty: Moderate

To see and hear this boogie on YouTube, just click: Elmo Peeler - The Melton Meltdown Boogie

To listen, just click: Elmo Peeler - The Melton Meltdown Boogie

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Elmo Peeler - The Tremolo Boogie.pdf

This boogie-woogie piano piece was originally created as an exercise to improve my ability to play right-hand tremolos in thirds (with 2-4 fingering), and it worked well. In addition to plenty of tremolos, there are also lots of fun Leon Russell-style octaves in the B section. This boogiewoogie sheet music ends with a brief, showy, Liszt-like flourish.

To see a customer's comment about this piece, click here.

To see and hear this boogie on YouTube, just click: Elmo Peeler - The Tremolo Boogie

Difficulty: Moderate

To listen, just click: Elmo Peeler - Tremolo Boogie

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Coming Soon:

Elmo Peeler - The Four-on-the-Floor Boogie.pdf

Elmo Peeler - The Science Fair Boogie.pdf

Elmo Peeler - The Beijing Boogie (aka The Chalmers Johnson Boogie).pdf

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